A Cognitive Analysis of Influencing Factors towards Urbanites’ Healthcare Satisfaction in Bhubaneswar

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IntroductionDespite of the potential role of service quality analysis from the beneficiaries’ perspectives in health system strengthening, its use has been limited in the developing world. More so, the analysis of socio-economic and demographic correlates of the perception differentials has been least addressed by the researchers. This study is an attempt to explore the perception of the urbanites regarding quality of health centres in Bhubaneswar, India and its socio-economic correlates.MethodsA cross-sectional study was carried out in which, data were collected from a sample of 180 respondents residing in six different types of residential localities of the city and an un-weighted hospital quality index was computed for analyzing the satisfaction level and its differentials, after carrying out the validity and reliability analyses of the index.ResultsUrbanites in this study were dissatisfied with many aspects of health care delivery in government health centres, like supply of medicines and availability of appropriate medical equipments. Although most of the respondents (78%) were quite satisfied with the private hospitals, there existed few lacunas to be bridged too. Overall satisfaction level was found to be associated with age (p=.134), migration status (p=.005), education (p=.000), residence type (p=.000), household size (p=.001) and income of the respondents (p=.000).ConclusionsA strong need of strengthening the government health centres was felt and so also taking measures to further improve private hospital quality in the city. There was also a need to address the disparity in health care service provision between slum and non-slum households, at an urgent basis. 


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