Undang-Undang Jagaan Kesihatan Ibu di Malaysia: Hak Pesakit Wanita di Hospital Kerajaan

Anisah Che Ngah, Azlinda Binti Baroni, Noraihan Mohd Noor


Background: Women as patients is a normal phenomenon and the general provisions of patient rights are deemed applicable however, women as patients in maternity ward and labour room are specific matters involving specific treatments and care by special team of trained medical doctors, midwives and nurses in obstetrics and gynaecology areas of expertise. Hence, the importance of scutinising the relevant laws and legislations pertaining to the protection of female patients’ rights when they are utilising the maternity ward and labour room are fundamental in determining whether such rights exist in our healthcare services pertaining to pregnant women.

Objective: Specific focus is given towards government health policy on pregnant women and if any such policy gives impact or effect to the healthcare services rendered and if any such other guidelines exist to further enhance the quality of healthcare services provided thus far. 

Methods: Doctrinal research method is adopted with applying the empirical approach whereby interviews and a focus group discussion were held with the O&G specialist doctors and selected medical officer and staff nurses of Maternity Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Result: The finding shows that there are already in placed a policy of the Ministry of Health Malaysia outlining the women patients’ rights in maternity ward and labour room. 

Conclusion:  The paper concludes that there is a need for a new policy to re-establish governance in maternity ward and to further enhance health care quality for women patients and to appropriately define the position of women patients’ rights in the government hospital’s maternity ward.

Keywords: healthcare laws, Ministry of Health Malaysia, obstetrics and gynaecology, women patient, government hospital maternity ward.


healthcare laws, Ministry of Health Malaysia, obstetrics and gynaecology, women patient, government hospital maternity ward

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