Assessment of Mental Health and Related Factors in Pregnant Women Referred to Health Centers in Estahban

  • Naemeh Alibabaie Estahban Paramedical College, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences,
  • Sudabeh Purhashemi


Objective: pregnancy is the most sensitive period in women's life which makes many mental changes. unfortunately, physiological rather than mental aspects of these periods are considered more. This study aims to investigate mental health and related factors in pregnant women. This descriptive-analytic study has been done on 182 pregnant women referred to health centers of Estahban in 2015 by available sampling method. Research tools used in this study were General Health Questionnaire 28(GHQ-28). Data were analyzed using Regression testing and the P<0.05 was considered significance.Results: Research findings showed that 53/8 percent of women were psychologically healthy and About 46/2 percent of them suspected of mental disorders. Also, between factors such as “Economic situation”, “Smoking”, “The age of first pregnancy”, “Unwanted pregnancy”, “Physical illness” and “Others satisfaction with pregnancy”, a significant relationship was observed with the mental health of pregnant women(p<0.05).Conclusion: Considering the present findings, in one hand informing the women and their family about existence of these disorders and the effect of underlying factors and their familiarity with confronting ways and solving these problems are essential; on the other hand it is important for therapists and caregivers to know about these issues in order to help pregnant women.Keywords: Mental health, Pregnant Women, Related factors
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