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Properties of graphene nano-filler reinforced epoxidized natural rubber composites

Siti Salina Sarkawi, Azira Abdul Aziz, Ahmad Kifli Che Aziz, Rohaidah Abd Rahim, Nik Intan Nik Ismail


Reinforcement of filled rubber is governed by the rubber-to-filler interactions at nano-scale. One of the potential nano-reinforcing fillers is graphene. Dispersing nano-filler into rubber matrix still remains a challenge despite many methods reported. This paper presents an investigation on the graphene nano-fillers reinforcement in natural rubber and epoxidized natural rubber. The effect of graphene dispersion on the filler-to-rubber and filler-to-filler interactions in carbon black- and silica-filled composite system is evaluated. The rheological, Payne effect and dynamic properties of graphene nano-filler natural rubber composite are presented. The presence of graphene reduces the Payne effect of epoxidized natural rubber-silica composite resulting from better dispersion of silica fillers. In addition, the physically bound rubber of epoxidized natural rubber-silica is increased with the addition of graphene indicating better rubber-to-filler interactions. The effect of graphene is more pronounced in modified natural rubber and silica system due to higher interaction of graphene with silica and epoxidized natural rubber.


graphene; nano; filler; silica; natural rubber

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