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Mechanical and physical properties of natural rubber/high density polyethylene hybrid composites reinforced with mengkuang fiber and eggshell powder

Fatin Farah Hanim Ayub, Wan Zarina Wan Mohamed, Mohd Razi Mat Piah, Azizah Baharum


This research was conducted to study the effect of addition of egg shell powder on physical and mechanical properties of natural rubber/high density polyethylene/Mengkuang fiber/egg shell powder hybrid composite. The preparation of composite utilize the method of melt blending, which were blended for 18 minutes at 135 ºC and rotor speed 50 r.p.m. The composite of NR:HDPE:MK/KT were prepared with 60:40:20 ratio. The mengkuang fiber/egg shell powder hybrid composites were prepared with 5, 10, 15, 20 volume % of fiber. Mechanical properties of the composites were investigated using tensile test and impact test. From the result obtained, hybrid composite of NR/HDPE with 15:5 of MK/KT filler had the optimum performance. The tensile test shows maximum tensile strength of 4.2 MPa for hybrid composite NR/HDPE with 15:5 composition of filler. The impact test shows maximum impact strength of 2.1 MPa for hybrid composite of NR/HDPE with composition of 10:10 MK/KT filler. The addition of egg shell powder has reduced the water uptake. Morphological studies on the composites shows that the hybrid composites contain good fiber distribution and the addition of the egg shell powder promoted better fiber-matrix interaction. In conclusion, the addition of egg shell improves the mechanical properties of the composites.


Hybrid composites; egg shell powder; mengkuang fiber

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