The development of marine transport around the east coast of Malaya from the early age to the period of the British administration

Mohd. Samsudin, Azima Abdul Manaf, Shahizan Shaharuddin


Since the first century AD, the East Coast of Malaya has been an important hub for marine activities connecting the eastern and western parts of the world. In fact, many do not realize that the east coast of Malaya was an important route for ships that connects leading empires in Cambodia, Vietnam and China and the Malay World. Upon the arrival of British colonial rule in the Malay states, this route continued to be used to link the western coast of the states with the Eastern coast. The British' decision to intensify the economic exploitation of the West coast of the peninsula resulted in an increase in the population, hence the need to provide supplies to the West coast. This situation, coupled with the introduction of steamships heightened marine transport activities especially around the 18th century. This article will describe the design and development of marine transportation used in the vicinity of the east coast of Malaya from the beginning. It seeks to show that the east coast of Malaya was an important area of marine activities since time immemorial.

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