Lipid Biomarkers in Estuary of Sungai Selangor, Selangor: Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of Sterols and Fatty Alcohols

Humrawali H., Ali M.M.


A total of 34 surface  sediment samples were taken from Sungai Selangor estuary to identify sources and variations of sterols and fatty alcohols. Samples were then extracted and the compounds were analyzed using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). As a result, 10 sterol compounds and 18 fatty alcohol compounds were determined presence in the samples. Generally, the study area is dominated by phytosterols, long chain fatty alcohols (C21-C24) and phytol which is the indicator for terrestrial organic matter. Other than that, various type of sterols and fatty alcohols have been quantified which indicated input of marine organisms, bacterial and sewage. Principal component analysis (PCA) carried out with all compounds successfully characterized three main sources in the study area which were terrestrial, algae and a mixture of marine, bacterial and sewage. Thus, based on individual concentrations and the PCA, this study showed the presence of sterols and fatty alcohols in the study area are derived from various sources even more dominated by inputs from terrestrial sources

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