The Spiritual Values of Integrating Naqli and Aqli Knowledge in Integrated Education: Risale-I Nur Perspective

Muhammad Widus Sempo


Said Nursi in his struggle to elevate Islam as the primary basis of education realized that natural sciences and modern science must be integrated with religious sciences in the education of generations of this century. According to Said Nursi, the light of conscience is religious sciences (ulum diniyah) and the light of the mind is civilized sciences (ulum madaniyah). By mastering both of these sciences, a student is capable of benefiting the people and the nation through the continued preaching and sharing of knowledge. Furthermore, Said Nursi sees that the integration of these two sciences will be the core root to the birth of the scientific commentary of the Qur'an, which is recognized by Muslim scholars who have expertise in various sciences. Therefore, Said Nursi sees the importance of establishing Medresetu'z Zahra as a place for integrating naqli and aqli knowledge. Thus, the author will use the thematic and analysis method in this paper. The author firstly will gather all of Said Nursi's statements that are closely related to the above issue in Risale-I Nur, and then the author will examine secondly the spiritual values of integrating both sciences perspective Said Nursi in creating a holistic humankind, encyclopedic and integrative through integrated education across the ages.


Spiritual Value; Integration of Aqli and Naqli Science; Integrated Education; Risale-I Nur

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