The Wisdom of Creation as Pairs in the Quran

Rahmah Hashim, Salmijah Surif, Adem Kilicman


The first question that comes to mind is, why does Allah create mankind and every living and non-living things in this world in pairs. We look to the Quran for our source of wisdom and find at least 14 surahs that direct our attention to the fact that Allah created us in pairs, including things which we have no knowledge of. The first example is pairs that grow from soil, that plants have male and female (QS Taha:53). A second example is about pairs that are created from their own selves, that humans are created males and females (QS Al-Ghafir: 39). A third example is pairs that are created from things that we do not know. The discovery of matter in pairs was only discovered in the 1930s by Paul Dirac, a British scientist, who discovered that matter has a pair called anti-matter. By the third millennium, scientific research on the structure of the atom has revealed a more complex, delicate and perfect nature; that creation in pairs is also valid for the smallest particles of atom. This paper will discuss the wisdom and mystery of creation as pairs in the Quran and why Bediuzzaman Said Nursi said, “As time grows older, the Qur’an grows younger.”


Creation; Pair; Wisdoms; Anti-Matter

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