Development of Multimedia Supported Qur'anic Language Game Module for National Primary Schools in Malaysia

Maimun Aqsha Lubis, Ikwan Ikwan, Aisyah Sjahrony, Ismail Fahmi Lubis, Rosseni Din


Multimedia can be used to overcome the weaknesses faced in the teaching and learning process. However, the multimedia element embedded in the interactive environment of the software sometimes cannot provide a presentation that is interesting and motivating enough for the pupils to learn. The purpose of this research is to develop interactive multimedia software based on the tutorial approach for the Qur’an curriculum. This multimedia software is developed based on the syllabus of the Year One Curriculum for surah al-Fatihah which is issued by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia The conceptual framework for the research is adapted and modified based on the Dick, Carey and Carey Model (2005). The software development module is based on the ADDIE Design Model that has been modified to suit the Qur’anic language teaching situation. This software is developed using Macromedia Flash CS4 authoring tool by integrating the Adobe Photoshop CS4 software for graphics and the Al-Rassam programme for the writing of Arabic texts. The research questions presented in this research are on identifying the software development phases of the Multimedia Qur’anic Language Game Software by taking into account the words contained in surah al- Fatihah, and on identifying the main screens that need to be developed in building the Multimedia Qur’anic language Game Teaching and Learning Module. The findings from the research identified four phases, namely the needs analysis phase, the design phase, the development phase and the software evaluation phase. Next, the findings also identified four main screens which are the Introduction Screen, the Main Menu Screen, the Tutorial Screen, and the Qur’anic Language Game Screen. The implication of this research is that it may facilitate the teaching and learning process in understanding surah al-Fatihah through the Multimedia Qur’anic Language Game Software. 

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