Electronic Emotional and Social Support for Special Educational Needs Learners' Community in Higher Education (E-ESSENCE)

Roslinda Alias, Nor Aziah Alias, Johan Eddy Luaran, Nurul Fitriah Alias


E-ESSENCE or Electronic Emotional and Social Support for Special Educational Needs Leaners Community in Higher Education aim to provide emotional and social support for Special Educational Needs (SEN) learners in higher education institutions (HEIs) via an online platform. In this study, E-ESSENCE is demonstrated using the Model of Technology Supported Learning for SEN Learners in Malaysian HEIs. Thus, the purpose of this article is to discuss the effect on emotional and social supports for SEN learners in Malaysian using E-ESSENCE. Findings shows that E-ESSENCE is among the most used technology- supported learning and it is also complementing the development of the SEN community. Hence, it is indirectly enhancing the SEN learners’ positive self-development within the HEIs community. The use of E- ESSENCE should be encouraged yet monitored to maximise its impact among SEN learners in the HEIs community. Future research is warranted to focus on how E-ESSENCE can be further developed and enhance. 


Special Educational Needs (SEN); Persons with Disabilities (PWDs); Higher Education; Technology-Supported Learning; Inclusive Education

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