• Hasanain Faisal Ghazi Community Medicine Unit, International Medical School, Management and Science University, Malaysia.


Objectives: Drug abuse especially among teenagers is an alarming issue and has been a serious public health problem worldwide. The aim of the study is to access the knowledge, attitude and practice on drug abuse among Pahang Matriculation students in 2016.Methods: A cross­-sectional study was conducted involving 300 matriculation students.  A self-determined questionnaire was distributed among the students. Results:  shown that prevalence of good knowledge on drug abuse was (82.03%) whereas 39 (17.97%) have poor knowledge. The prevalence of students’ attitude on drug abuse has higher number of good attitude with the sum of 182 (83.9%) while those who have poor attitude are only 35 (16.1%). The prevalence of practice on drug abuse among students was found that they have higher number of good practice with 215 (99.1%) while those with poor practice denote only 2 (9%). Only gender showed a significant association with students’ knowledge (P= 0.046) while all the other variables except gender showed that, there is no significant difference with P-value of more than 0.05.  Conclusion: the knowledge, attitude, and practice of drug abuse among Pahang Matriculation students are good.Keywords: Knowledge and Practice, Attitude, Drug Abuse, Students, Malaysia.


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