Special Issue Call for Papers #1 2019

How do we see? How we solve? Research, Practice, and Education for Sustainable Developments

Submission deadline: February 2019
Planned publication date: February 2020


Focus and scope

The concept of sustainability has been discussed at different periods under diverse terminologies and titles. However, sustainability as a connective method for nature and humanity in the context of time is a common concept discussed and shared always. Sustainable development strategies are ways to understand the world and a method to solve global problems. Building environment is one of the main contents of human life, and it enables a better quality of life. Therefore, the outcome of any activity involved in the design, construction, and building, can assist in providing aid to humanity and the environment.

This Special Issue will focus on consolidating the expansive work on the triple bottom line principle of sustainability on a global scale in order to contribute to future-oriented practices.

Key themes may include any of the following topics from the perspective of architecture, engineering, construction, operation and education (but not limited to):

  • · Sustainable architecture
  • · Higher Education for sustainable developments
  • · Sustainability-led design/ Paradigms of design
  • · Resource conservation
  • · Energy efficiency
  • · Waste management
  • · Cost efficacy


Key information:
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Please get in touch with the editorial team if you have any questions.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Badiossadat Hassanpour, Eastern Mediterranean University, TRNC, Cyprus badiossadat.hassan@emu.edu.tr

Dr. Olusola Bezalel Bamisile, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China boomfem@gmail.com

Mohammed Babiker, The National Ribat University, Khartoum, Sudan mohammedbabiker521@yahoo.com