Implementation of RCM framework in Maintaining Medical Equipment in Hospital

siti hajar salim


Maintenance services are performed to ensure the equipment is operating according to manufacturer standard and maintained at desired level of quality. The implementation of maintenance services may prevent unexpected breakdown and disruption of operational in a hospital. However, there were numbers of cases reported on frequent breakdown on medical equipment although maintenance program is in place and practiced.  Therefore, the reliability of the maintenance services were questioned especially when the breakdowns emanated after the maintenance services being performed. This paper is to propose a conceptual framework to determine the right maintenance program for medical equipment in hospital by using Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM). RCM process will assist hospital to identify the root cause of the breakdown and consequently to minimize the number of breakdown for medical equipment in hospital.  RCM process is known as one of the most effective maintenance approaches to reduce the number of maintenance activities and hence minimizing the cost of maintenance incurred

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