Effectiveness of Combined Malaysia Healthy Plate Method (Half-half Quarter) and Physical Activity at Workplace Setting Among Healthcare Workers


  • Sreevali Muthuvadivelu CLINICAL RESEARCH CENTRE
  • Narwani Hussin MSc Community Medicine
  • Prema Muninathan
  • Low Phei Keow
  • Nancy Anne Josop
  • Noor Hayati Ahmed Tajudin
  • Kogilavani S.Krishnan
  • Ahmad Mu’alzaffardan Putra Kamaruddin Health Education Unit , Taiping Hospital, Ministry of Health Malaysia Perak







Overweight and obesity are becoming a major health issue which contributes to increase in health morbidity and mortality. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of the mainly diet intervention and exercise for weight reduction among obese but healthy adults.



This was a quasi-experimental study using designed Structured Diet Program adapted from Malaysia Healthy Plate method (half-half quarter) for weight reduction that lasts for 10 weeks. The anthropometry and biochemistry parameters were monitored and collected pre and 10 weeks post program. The WHO BMI criteria for Asian population cut off points was used to define obesity in this study.



Thirty healthcare workers (HCWs) were recruited. However, only 27 HCWs completed the program. The pre and post program mean BMI was 32.90kg/m2 and 31.39kg/m2 and weight was 81.25 kg to 77.37kg. The total cholesterol reduced significantly with mean 5.65mmol/l to 5.34mmol/l. Other blood parameters showed some reduction but not statically significant with mean FBS 4.82mmol/l to 4.69mmol/l, mean HDL: 1.43mmol/l to 1.32mmol/l mean LDL: 3.54mmol/l to 3.42mmol/l and mean TG 1.52mmol/l to 1.31mmol/l.






Overall, the programme led to a considerable reduction in body weight, BMI, and Total Cholesterol. Even though other blood parameters do not show statistically significant reduction but they still showed some reduction post programme. This method is recommended to be implemented among Malaysians for longer duration to achieve significant reduction in blood parameters. However, the commitment and motivation of the HCWs are highly needed to ensure the effectiveness and adherence to the diet method. 


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Keywords: Diet intervention (Malaysia Healthy Plate)- Physical Activity- Healthcare workers




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