Notes from the Chief Editor: On Universal Design and Agile Development

Rosseni Din


All praise be to the Creator who made it possible for us to present this indexed and refereed Journal of Personalized Learning 2020 Volume 3(1). This journal was inaugurate in 2015 with two issues (2015-2017). After the early management group left for their advancement in career and studies, we had a bit of a struggle. Eventually, we manage to establish a new team and finally successfully publish the third issue this year. We would like to thank all the new management team and authors who patiently waited for this moment and we convey our deepest regret for the much delayed publication of this issue. We accept any research paper, concept paper, review paper or reports of best practices for personalizing learning from a wide-ranging standpoint particularly focusing in the field of (i) values integration in education from the perspective of al-Quran and Hadith and (ii) personalized learning from the perspective of technology and integrated multi-disciplinary education point of view.  Although the personalized education research group mainly use problem-oriented project-based hybrid meaningful e-learning approach as the pedagogy and strategy to achieve meaningful learning, we certainly would love to share and disseminate knowledge from multiple discipline to address the same concern.  In this issue, I will start with a note about our newly improvised model for instructional design and development of personalized learning environment, product and model. We named it as Universal Design & Agile Development (UDin) model. The details of UDin will be discuss in the second part of this note.


Personalized Learning; Meaningful Learning; Universal Design & Agile Development (UDin); Values

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