Enhancing English Language Teaching by Implementing ICT as an Educational Tool

Nur Adlina Nabila Adzhari, Rosseni Din


In light of the progressive adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), 21st-century teachers are expected to integrate technology into language teaching in the classroom successfully. In Malaysia, a computer education programme was introduced in 1999. Even though it was started about two decades ago, the actual implementation status is quite different from the adoption and initiatives were taken to integrate ICT in language classrooms, especially in English Language Teaching (ELT). It is not satisfactory and the traditional teaching method seems not to fit anymore with the current era. Hence, this paper proposes a framework of theory and concepts for implementing ICT as an educational technological tool to enhance secondary school students’ English language teaching. In this fourth Industrial Revolution (IR), teachers need to dominate the ICT as the new students from the Z and Alpha Generation tend to utilize technology-based learning. It is hoped that this implementation of ICT as an educational technological tool will improve the secondary school students’ English language and subsequently help students obtain the best result in the English language by providing more guided references and learning experiences.


ICT, ELT, educational technological tool, secondary school students’ English language teaching

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