Personalized Learning Environment: Integration of Web Technology 2.0 in Achieving Meaningful Learning

Analisa Hamdan, Rosseni Din, Siti Zuraida Abdul Manaf, Nor Syazwani Mat Salleh, Intan Farahana Kamsin, Ramlah Ab Khalid, Nor Mohamad Ismail, Parilah M. Shah, Aidah Abdul Karim


Malaysian education system is dealing with constant changes related to learning models and the use of technology in teaching and learning (T&L) process. Personalized learning has been identified to be able to increase students’ achievement. Several Web technology 2.0 tools such as Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Prezi and PowerPoint have been identified to support personalized learning environment. Many studies have been conducted to identify the efficiency of Web technology 2.0 in T&L. However, studies on identifying the efficiency of the integration of Web technology 2.0 through personalized learning in achieving meaningful learning are limited. This study aims to identify the extent to which the integration of Web technology 2.0 through personalized learning environment is able to achieve meaningful learning. Document analysis and visual method approaches are used in this qualitative study. The visuals obtained related to the use of Web technology 2.0 were analyzed together with the documents such as reflection journals, working papers, storyboards, posters and educational videos produced by 61 second-year students enrolled in a Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as Second Language. The findings show that the integration of Web technology 2.0 in personalized learning environment is able to assist the academicians in increasing the quality of T&L. Through the use of Web technology 2.0, all five attributes of meaningful learning are achieved. This study hopes to assist academicians to integrate suitable Web technology 2.0 to personalized learning environment. This study also hopes to have significant implications for the education system by increasing the quality of T&L and by fulfilling the national aspiration. 


Web Technology 2.0; Personalized Learning; Meaningful e-Training Integration Model; Meaningful Learning; Document Analyses

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