Personalised Educator-Learner Portfolio Management System (PEL-PMS): An Educational Resources Management System for Personalised Learning

Safawi Abdul Rahman, Nor Aziah Alias, Siti Sarah Samsuddin, Nur Afiqah Md. Ali


The student-centred learning approach has been adopted in teaching and learning in universities throughout the world. Taking the advantage of the information and communication technology (ICT) platforms, universities have developed Open Educational Resources (OER) containing a variety of academic and educational resources and learning materials at institutional and individual levels to support both massive and personalised learning. This paper discusses the Personalised Educator-Learner Portfolio Management System (PEL-PMS), an educational resources management system containing customized resources tailored around personal academic portfolio. The personal educators’ educational resources gathered into the PEL-PMS are expected to help enrich the personalised learning environment which includes designing and developing an online learning system focusing on the students’ individual learning. 


Student-Centred Learning; Open Educational Resources (OER); Educational Resources; Educational Resources Management System; Personalised Educator-Learner Portfolio Management System (PEL-PMS); Educational Portfolio

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