Teaching and Learning Mathematics on Geometry Using GeoGebra Software via MOOC

Saidatuna Miftahul Jannah Azizul, Rosseni Din


Technology in education is not something new in this era, in fact Malaysia Ministry of Education really encourage the enhancement of the use of technology in teaching and learning. This also applied for Mathematics subject as teachers are highly recommended to integrate computer aided instruction. The purpose of this study is to develop is to develop Mathematics teaching materials for geometries topics based on GeoGebra software for Form Four students. This is a development study that used quantitative approach. Instrument used was questionnaires. Instructional design model that been used in this research is Model Reka Bangun SPP IV. The size of sample is 23 students of 4A of SMK Bandar Behrang 2020. Data was analyzed descriptively by using SPSS ver22 software. Findings showed that this modul of Mathematics based on GeoGebra software is usable as well as students have basic knowledge on the functions of MOOC elements. Therefore the development of teaching modules in this research is expected to be resources for Form Four Mathematics teachers as well as helping in students understanding regarding geometry. This teaching module is integrated to MOOC via OpenLearning platform for the purpose of sharing widely. Thus whoever interested to learn about it is welcome.


MOOC; Personalized Learning

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