Evaluation of Factors Affecting Professional Services Of Consultancy Firms in Building Projects

Olusola Ralph Aluko


This study is aimed at achieving improvement of service delivery through identification and establishing of main factors affecting professional services in the building industry. Questionnaire was used to elicit information about their perceptions of the factors affecting services from professionals who are involved in on-going and/or recently completed clients’ building projects. Purposive sampling was used to select the population of the study. The  Mean Score(MS) was used to rank the factors as perceived by architects, engineers and quantity surveyors. The spearman rank order was calculated  and used  to test the hypothesis that there is no significant difference between the perceptions of the different group of professionals. The results showed that there is an agreement in the ranking with a strong relationship among the professionals. Ability of the client to choose the right design team is the most important factor in delivering quality service. Other important factors are staff motivation and training, commitment of members of staff of the design team, long term potential relationship with client organization, adequate authority for the design team to perform effectively and the client’s financial position. The result will guide both client and practitioners about those factors that need to be focused to improve service delivery.


: Professional services; Success factors; Building projects; Rank agreement; Nigeria.

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