Faza Ihsan Zaidi


Strategic management is effective decision-making tools that has been uses for years.It helps companies to stay competitive by reviewing their opportunities and threats. Strategy implementation is the most challenging stages in strategic management. It can influence the company performance which includes the employees’ performance. However, there is still insufficient evidences proves this relationship. Successful strategy implementation process includes understanding of vision and mission, strategic action plan, resources allocation, employees training, employees involvement in decision making, reward system and corporate culture. Strategy implementation can influences the employees’ performance through employees’ commitment, retention and growth. The aim of this research is to analyse the relationship between strategy implementation process and employees’ performance in construction companies. Respondents were G7 contractors in Klang Valley, Selangor. Questionnaire survey data collection were conducted and Pearson’s correlation analysis was used. The correlation obtained proves that strategy implementation process does influence the employees’ performance in construction companies especially on employees’ retention and employees’ growth with strong correlation coefficient. On the contrary, there correlation of strategy implementation process toward employees commitment are quite weak. This research are suitable to be used as strategy implementation reference for top management in conducting strategy implementation.


company performance, strategy implementation, strategy planning

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