YEE HUA LIEW, Nazli bin Che Din


The acoustical performance of high-rise residential housing in the marketplace of Malaysia is under satisfactory as the residents are consistently dealing with internal and external noises. One of the most practical solutions to improve housing indoor acoustic comfort is by introducing furniture and furnishings which can absorb sound energy. The objective of this research is to evaluate and compare the acoustical performance of public low-cost multi-storey housing (PPR low-cost flats) in Kuala Lumpur in unfurnished and furnished conditions. Three scenarios: (1) empty housing unit without any furnishing, (2) housing unit furnished with basic furniture, (3) housing unit furnished with basic furniture and extra furnishings (carpet and curtains), were modelled in Google SketchUp and exported into ODEON Room Acoustic Software 13.0 for simulation. Results were then compared in the parameter of Reverberation Time (T30) and Speech Transmission Index. Based on results, scenario (3) demonstrated the best improved result in overall after evaluating the performance of acoustical criteria. The more the furniture and furnishings with higher absorption coefficient introduced in the housing unit, the lesser the Reverberation Time and higher Speech Transmission Index, resulting in a better indoor acoustical environment.


Indoor Furnishings; Multistory Housing Acoustic; Reverberation time; Simulation; Speech Transmission Index.

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