Seri Nanisa Sima Yusoff, Juliana Brahim, Zainidi Mat Yusoff


Effective communication is crucial in every construction project to overcome a misunderstanding, frequent verification and clarification, disappointment, lack of trust, and conflicts among construction players, resulting in cost overruns, time overruns, dispute, and project failure. However, the traditional method of construction causing the effectiveness of communication is low due to miscommunication arise. This paper aims to highlight Building Information Modelling (BIM) awareness as an integrated communication platform for Malaysian Design and Build (D&B) projects. This paper's methodology is based on a literature review regarding the effectiveness of BIM for communication in construction. The finding reveals that BIM is an effective communication platform, especially for the D&B project that involves many collaborations throughout a project's lifecycle. From the current adoption of BIM in D&B projects, it can be concluded that it is vital for Government to strengthen the enforcement of BIM in the Malaysian construction industry, which consequently produced many benefits to every construction player to ensure project success.


Building Information Modelling (BIM); Effective Communication; Design and Build (D&B)

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