Siti Rashidah Hanum Abd Wahab, Nadhrah Aina Roz Foad, Emma Marinie Ahmad Zawawi, Anis Rosniza Nizam Akhbar


In 2011, 235 ill projects were detected, with 191 sick projects being reported in 2013 (Jatarona, Yusof, Ismail, Saar, 2016). Nonconformance to stated specifications is used to discover a lack of quality because of poor construction quality management (Sisay, 2019). Other than that, poor communication can also indirectly lead to dissatisfying results of the quality of the products and the worst part is not meeting the specified standard. In the construction sector, poor communication has a variety of repercussions and consequences, including cost overruns, time overruns, disputes, and project failure. It has been demonstrated that ineffective communications lead to ineffective results (Gamil and Rahman, 2017). The objective of this research is to identify the quality control management towards workmanship in constructing high-rise buildings. A portal survey using questionnaires was distributed amongst 100 construction professionals in Johor Bahru. Only 50 of them responded (response rate of 50%). The questionnaire inquired about the subjects’ background and reasons why quality control management towards workmanship is still lacking and unclearly defined. The data of respondents were analyzed using SPSS to determine the mean and standard deviations. The respondents were Project Manager with 8.2%, Quality Assurance and Quality Control and Site Engineer with 10.2%, Site Clerk with 24.4%, Inspector of Work with 19.4%, Site Supervisor 13.2%, Procurement Assistant with 6%, and Contractor with 2%. The most popular reasons for poor quality management towards workmanship are the majority of contractors had trouble upholding quality standards throughout the construction process due to unskilled labour, inappropriate tools, and supplies, and a lack of project management might result in subpar quality control of the work.


quality control on workmanship, quality management performance; strategy planning; strategy implementation

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