Umi Kalsum Zolkafli, Norhanim Zakaria, Zahiriah Yahya, Azlan Shah Ali, Farid Wajdi Akashah, Maznah Othman, Yong Kian Hock


Conservation projects normally involve work that cannot accurately predetermine in terms of extent, specification, duration or cost. It was because conservation projects were unique and non-duplicate project which do not have precedent case to study. It was also fewer specialists in the sense of knowledge about the conservation projects. The aim of the research was to identify the risk in conservation faced by contractor and consultant at pre-contract and post-contract stage. The objectives of study were to identify the type of risk in conservation such as cost risk, time risk and safety risk. The barriers in the conservation refurbishment works also been identified through study. Finally, various possible solutions to reduce risk in conservation refurbishment works been identified. Questionnaires and interviews were conducted to achieve the objectives of the study. Both methods were used to cross-tabulated each other to reinforced the opinion from the practitioners. It was found that risk in conservation refurbishment work was higher that new-built projects. Besides that, it was found that risk management in conservation refurbishment projects had been poorly applied and practiced nowadays. Conservation works was contribute to a new era and ways in construction industry which can helps in growth of country’s economy and to preserve the ancient’s properties from time to time in order to attract more tourism visit our country.

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