People critical success factors (CSFs) in Information Technology/Information System (IT/IS) implementation

Nur Mardhiyah Aziz, Hafez Salleh, Nur Khairul Faizah Mustafa


Information technology/Information System (IT/IS) become the vital tools in today’s competitive environment, hence it has become the major concern for successfully implementing IT/IS in every organisation.  In every organisation, people are the fundamental issue. They have the powerful force that can influence the success and failure of IT/IS implementation. Many literatures have discussed about the critical success factors (CSFs), but none of them highlighting the people issue.  Therefore, this research paper presents a review of recent work of CSFs in implementing IT/IS focusing on the people issue only.  Various journal articles, conference proceedings, theses and book between years 2001 to 2010 were reviewed to get relatively new findings. Findings revealed twenty (20) factors that frequently cited by researchers. These factors were then grouped into four (4) categories; skills, behaviour, management and mind-set. It is anticipated that, this research will not only create awareness but also assist organisations to understand the CSFs in implementing IT/IS, increasing the chances for successful implementation and served as a guideline for future planning.

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