Cabaran Pegawai Psikologi Di Penjara (Challenges of Psychological Officers in Prison)

Nasariah Jamian, Aizan Sofia Amin


This study aims to identify the challenges experienced by prison psychological officer around Klang Valley. This study involved six informants who are one female and five males. This research used a qualitative method involving in-depth interviews by using semi-structured questions to obtain data for this study. Through the thematic analysis from the transcriptions by informants, it shows that there are six main obstacles faced by the officers such as the absence of supervisor as a mentor to guide them, lack of counselling facilities, confidentiality issues, client-counsellor relationships, workloads and also client background diversity. There were some limitations to this study. This study recommends that the service of counselling and psychology in prison should be empowered to ensure the prisoners will be reintegrated in society successfully.

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