Pengaruh personaliti lima faktor ke atas prestasi latihan: Satu kajian dalam kalangan pegawai kadet di Kolej Tentera Darat (The effects of five-factor personality on training performance: A study among cadet officers at Kolej Tentera Darat (Military Colle

Mohd Shauari Mat Piah, Izlin Ismail


This study aims to look at the relationship and contribution of the five factor personality, model (FFM) on training performance. The research subject consists of 128 cadet officers of the 74th  intake from Kolej Tentera Darat. The Five Factors personality was measured using the l6PF questionnaire adapted from Fatimah wati Halim and Arifin Zainal (2008). The training performance criterion measured in this study are cognitive, basic skills and affective. The confidence factor results of personality FFM shows that self control is 0.70, emotional stability is 0.60, independence is 0.7, extroversion is 0.70 and openness is 0.43. Results of this study show that all five personality factors are related lo training performance. Nonetheless, only conscientiousness and emotional stability factors are related to the affective criterion but there is no relationship with the cognitive and basic skills criterion. Results of this study also show that only conscientiousness and emotional stability factors contribute towards training performance. The implication of the study show that the personality questionnaire l6PF (adapted), motivational achievement and self-efficacy are reliable and significant predictors and criterion in measuring training performance among cadet officers.

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