Sistem penilaian kognitif (CAS): Satu alternatif kepada pengukuran kecerdasan minda (Cognitive Assessment System: An alternative to the measurement of mental intelligence)

Ooi Boon Keat, Khaidzir Hj Ismail


This paper discusses one of the latest technology based instrument in assessing cognitive functions of brain. Cognitive Assessment System (CAS) is a capable measurement which used of diagnosis, eligibility, determination, re-evaluation and instructional planning. It is not only able to assess the cognitive ability and process, but also to determine intervention purposes for children especially children with ADHD or LD. It was build in 1997 by Naglieri and Das. Naglieri (1999). " the single most importannt goal of the CAS is to encourage an evolutionary step from the traditional Intelligence Quotient (IQ), general ability approach to a theory-based, multidimensional view with constructs built on contemporary research in human cognition". CAS consists of four subscales Planning, Attention, Simultaneous and Successive which are the processes of Luria's three functional units of brain or the theory of PASS. The four subscales comprise of four subtests for representing the whole score of the cognitive functions. Luria's viewpoints on Intelligence is the integration of neuropsychological, cognitive processes and information processing perspectives.

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