Youtube as a Resourceful Tool to Enhance Learner Autonomy in English Language Learning among University Students

Rapture Rajendran, Rosseni Din


Classroom education in universities is a managed environment where every input students receive is analysed, collaborated and organized by both educators and learners. Educators are within limits when students carry out learning outside of the classroom. Learning turns independent and students are altogether responsible in controlling, choosing and exercising learnt knowledge and setting their own learning environment. The English language, being globally spoken, serves variety of advantages in the education, business and work life. Students from different courses are encouraged to equip themselves with basic spoken and written English to achieve reasonable success in their education and career life. Simultaneously, to achieve such accomplishment, they need to allocate enough time, energy and cost as efforts to learn the English language outside of the classroom. Finding physical classes that will be able to aid their English language proficiency outside of classroom education can be a burden due to time constraints, course works and examination preparation occupying their schedule, resulting in very little motivation among students to conduct self-regulated learning in order to enhance their English language proficiency. Learner autonomy needs to be conducted in a proper way where time, energy and costs can be saved altogether and increasing their motivation to move further with the basics of spoken and written English. Autonomous learning is considered as outside of classroom learning because students learn and take responsibility of their own learning in their own environment. Technology being the backbone of modern education has provided plenty of platforms to promote learner autonomy and the English language proficiency. YouTube is the most common video platform exercised among university students in efforts to conduct proper learner autonomy and English language learning. This paper discusses the theories, concepts and approaches which build up a theoretical and conceptual framework on the process of learner autonomy to enhance English language learning using YouTube.


Learner autonomy, YouTube, English language, autonomous learning, video

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