Lee Shu Chin, Nor Shafrin Ahmad


Anger is a natural human emotion experienced by everyone at one time or another. It is said to be the most talk about but least studied emotion. When experienced, it involves a combination of cognitive, physiological, behavioral and social components. This preliminary study is aimed to test the reliability of the instruments and to examine the effect of Anger Management Module using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on anger expression among the adolescents in secondary school. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used to gather data. Adolescents with high T-score value of anger level in Adolescent Anger Rating Scale (AARS) were selected to the study through purposive sampling. There are four main interventions in this module such as self-administered cognitive restructuring; relaxation; communication skills and problem solving routine were taught throughout the 10-weekly group counseling sessions. The module internal consistency was obtained using the content reliability questionnaire. The Cronbach’s alpha value of 0.883 had shown that the module commands high internal reliability. Whereas the effect of the anger management using CBT interventions was determined by comparing the scores in pretest, post-test and a retention test obtained from the Adolescent Anger Rating Scale (AARS) instrument. Finally, the qualitative data were obtained through interview and feedback questionnaire where the data were analyzed using the descriptive method. Both the analysis revealed that all the interventions in this module are effective to help the adolescents manage their anger problem.

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