Isu Sosioemosi dalam kalangan Pelajar Sekolah Rendah di Negeri Sabah (Socioemotional Issues among Primary School Students in Sabah)

Jusiah Idang, Hanisah Halim, Murnizam Halik, Sabariah Sharif


This study directly aims to identify socio -emotional issues that often exist among primary school students, especially in the state of Sabah. The respondents involved were a total of 580 people consisting of teachers in several schools from all over Sabah. Respondents as class teachers are required to assess and identify socio-emotional issues that often occur among students based on the questionnaire provided. After analysis, the results showed that the majority of 59.8% or 347 respondents have chosen the answer "most of the above issues" which shows that the issues identified have involved more than one combination of issues for a class that has been evaluated by respondents. Next, 16.9% of respondents chose the issue of “emotional behavior disorder”, 8.8% of respondents chose the issue of “changes in family (divorce, separation)”, 6.2% chose the answer of “loneliness from peers”, and 4% chose the issue of “bullying” . The issue of "autism" was realized by 1% of respondents, while 0.7% reported that there was an issue of "death among family members" of their students which caused the socio -emotional level of the students involved. The remaining 2.6% respondents were aware that all the issues suggested in the answers had been experienced by their students. It is hoped that this study can be used as a guide to understand more specifically about the conflicts that are often experienced by children who are in the early school life.

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