Pendefinisian Semula Konsep Rempit (Redefining the concept of ‘Rempit’)

Rozmi Ismail, Boekhtiar Borhanuddin


This qualitative study reviewed the concept of Mat Rempit. This study, used two methods of interviews. Firslly, individual inter.views were conducted with 16 individuals who were from a school in Semenyih, Selangor and the\, had beeninvolvedin rempit actiyilies. Secondly,focus group interviews were conducted involving three groups of individuals who were charged under Section 42 for driving recklessly their motorcycles in Penang, Johor Baharu and Kuala Lumpur. The main results of interviews indicate that rempit can be de/ined as any activity involving a motorcycle racing team of at least two people. Generally, the race comprised various aclions such as doing a sprint, or a lap and also stunts (such as, a wheelie or wheekang). In addition, there  is ramping of engines oJ' molorcycles and creating ercessively loud sounds as well as shouting and show,ing hand signals. A Mat Rempit is a person involved in these aclivities. Other relatedfindings and implications are also discussed.

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