Kesejahteraan Psikologikal Orang Asli (Psychological well-being of ‘Orang Asli’)

Asmawati Desa, Asmah Ahmad, Zaini Sharkawi


This study explores whether differences in levels of psychological well-being exist between the Orang Asli in Pertak and those in Gerachi Jaya. Field studies were conducted on orang Asli in both these villages by using structured interviews Psychological well-being questionnaires were modified by the researcher based on the Psychological Well-being Scale (Ryff 1989). Psychological well-being was measured in terms of autonomy, control environment, personal development and positive relationships. This study involved 40 Orang Asli from Gerachi City and 35 Orang Asli from Pertak.  Data were analyzed with SPSS software using t-tests. Results show that the levels of psychological well-being between the two groups were not significantly different (t: 0.339, k> 0.05). Implications are also discussed. 

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