Hubungan antara Kualiti Hidup dengan Kebimbangan dan Kemurungan Warga Emas Demensia: Peranan Pekerja Sosial (Relationship between Anxiety and Depression with Quality of Life among Older Adults with Dementia)

Noraini Che Sharif, Khadijah Alavi, Ponnusamy Subramaniam, Nurul Erni Nazira Zakaria


The quality of life of elderly of dementia is interdependent among the anxiety and depression experienced by elderly of dementia in institution. The aims of this article is to examine the relationship between anxiety and depression with the quality of life of elderly with dementia in the institution and the role of social workers in carrying out meaningful activities at care institutions to enhance the well-being of the elderly. A total of 58 elderly with mild to moderate demensia were selected through a series of screening process by a qualified clinical psychologist. Several instruments has been used including Quality of Life-AD (QoL-AD) Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS), Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) to investigate the relationship between anxiety and depression with quality of life among the elderly with dementia. A findings from this study show that there is a negative relationship between the level of anxiety and quality of life among the elderly with dementia. The main implication of this article is that social workers should be trained to perform meaningful activities to help elderly dementia in institutions improve the quality of life.

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