Nilai indeks kesejahteraan psikologi dan modal insan penduduk di wilayah ECER (Psychological well-being index value and human capital in ECER region)

Fatimah Omar, Ariffin Hj. Zainal, Asmawati Desa, Hasnah Ali, Fuad Mat Jali, Mustaffa Omar


This research looks at one aspect quality of life among populations in the ECER district that is psychological wellbeing and human capital. A survey using questionnaire was conducted in three states that were part of ECER district that are Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. A total of 1793 people from the three states were involved as subjects in the research. From the data collected it was found that overall indeks value for psychological wellbeing of the the population studied was .72. While the index values for the sub domain in the psychological wellbeing for health and health care is .65, work life environment, .65, education and self development .78 and self wellbeing .81. Comparison of the psychological wellbeing and human capital index values among the three states in ECER district was also looked in the research.

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