Expectations about Counselling among Orang Asli Students in the Cameron Highlands District

Sehgar Kandasamy


The aim of this study was to examine the expectations about counselling among the Orang Asli students in secondary schools in the Cameron Highlands district of Malaysia. Data was collected using the Expectations about Counselling Questionnaire which was distributed to 436 respondents. The findings showed that the expectations of counselling sessions among the Orang Asli students were high (mean= 4.605, 79%). The counsellor expertise factor was the most dominant (mean=4.84, 69.14 %). It was found that the expectations about counselling among the Orang Asli students were significant between the expectation dimension (personal commitment, facilitative conditions, counsellor expertise, and counsellor nurturance) and the variables of gender, age and client status. There was no significant relationship between their expectations and the religion and residence variables. In conclusion, this study was successful in giving a general picture about the students’ expectations of counselling sessions.

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