Analisis pengesahan faktor personaliti super faktor utama (Confirmatory factor analysis of super factor personalities)

Fatimah Wati Halim, Arifin Hj. Zainal


The purpose of this study was to test the reliability and validity of super factor personalities, namely conscientiouness, emotional stability and aggreableness. Further, it examined the fitness of these factors with data obtained from 450 civil service employees. 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire version 5 (l6PF5: Cattell 1993) was used to measure 11
subfactors on the super factor personality like those proposed by Cattell (1993). Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was emplolyed to test how well the measured variables represented the constructs. Results from CFA indicated a good fit of 11 subfactors after items that did not reach the 0.50
were deleted. Apart from that, alpha Cronbach showed a high reliability between 0.70-0.86 indicating the instrument has good reliability and construct validity CFA model analysis proved that the data fit the super factor personality model. Therefore, the modified reliability and validity of the 16PF questionnaire version 5 can be used to measure the first super factor personality of civil senvants in predicting their performance.

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