• Muhammad Khairul Azhar Ghazali Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Nur ‘Athiroh Masyaa'il Tan Abdullah Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


 Religion awareness can be defined as a Muslim’s religious way of life. However, the issue of challenges among Muslim teenagers have always been linked to social problems due to lack of religion awareness and understanding as well as other influential factors. This study aims to recognize the problem scenarios experienced by Muslim teenagers at Desa KEDA Sadek, Baling, Kedah and to find the solutions. The most critical social syndrome that often becomes the main focus at Desa KEDA is individual moral decay like neglecting prayers, free sex, gambling, loafing, illegal racing and involvement in other criminal cases namely fighting, stealing, raping and drug addiction. 62 KEDA youths are involved in this study as respondents. Empirical data collection and a questionnaire are used in this research to explain how the youths can be involved with all negative activities. A few hypotheses are formed and alligned with the findings to produce an accurate results. The hypotheses are; a – Moral decay among youths is caused by the weak understanding of Islam; b – Moral decay among youths is caused by family, society and media which leads to leading life without religious values; c – Moral decay among youths is very much influenced by the failure of mosque in playing roles as an institution which gives an understanding about Islam and controlling society to always practice positive values. Thus, faith, Islam and mercy have to be learnt and understood in promoting religion awareness and affecting the fate of Islamic generation. There are four elements which shape Muslim youths’ personality. They are knowledge, practice, persistence and sincerity. This study gives good impact in the development of da’wah and finds effective and interesting ways in helping Muslim preachers to spread values of Islam among Muslim youths, specifically in Malaysia.


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